The real estate sector has rapidly evolved in the past decade, and much of that evolution is due to the progress in web technologies. In Utah, several real estate brokerages have popped up, offering a wide range of alternative services. DiscountAgent.com is one of Utah’s leading discount real estate websites and the driving force behind the owner, Aaron Peters.

The Discount Agent Story

Aaron is a passionate and hardworking Realtor who has catapulted the discount real estate agent model into the mainstream. Aaron was inspired by his grandmother’s grit, who worked long hours doing manual labor in a papermill in Maine. He attempted to follow in her footsteps but quickly realized he was nowhere near as tough as his grandma and decided to take a different path. However, his grandmother taught him the value of an honest day of hard work. After venturing into real estate as a career, he strived to offer better services to home buyers and sellers at lower rates than the competition. He provides clients with an exceptional buying and selling experience at lower fees without compromising service. How does he provide better value? Offering fifty percent commission rebates to home buyers and low listing fees to home sellers. Aaron understands that contrary to popular belief amongst Realtors, the agent commission does increase the cost of home ownership. Real estate agents play a valuable role, but the commissions they earn have been too high for too long. Aaron decided early in his career to approach real estate differently than the old school high commission brokerages. In 2007, he deviated from the typical 6% commission brokerage model and began his journey as a full-service discount real estate agent.

Experience and Savings

Don’t sacrifice experience to receive an agent discount.  
Aaron is consistently in the top 5% of all Utah Realtors. 
To be clear, DiscountAgent.com is an agent-owned website, not a Utah real estate brokerage.  Aaron Peters is an Associate Broker with NetLogix Realty.